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Proper Storage of Spices for Prolonging Shelf Life

When you order herbs, spices and chiles from The Chile Guy, you know you’re getting top-quality spices at the  

The Versatility of Chile

One of the reasons chile is popular worldwide for adding to cuisine is how versatile it really is. With  

Protecting Your Chile from Microorganisms: Irradiation and ETO

From harvest to table, chiles can have a long journey to travel. Proper handling and storage is necessary every  

Chile Flakes and Chile Powder – When Should You Use Each?

The Chile Guy sells a wider variety of chiles than you’ll find in the store, and that variety  

Get the Best in Bulk Spice and Herbs from The Chile Guy 

You already know that The Chile Guy is a premium source for dried chiles, flakes and powders –  

Ghost Chiles: The “Haute” Status of the World’s Hottest Chile

For years, habanero peppers sat at the top of the Scoville Chart as the hottest chiles in the  

Chiles in a Variety of Formats to Suit Your Restaurant’s Needs

You don’t earn a name like The Chile Guy without being an authority on chile! We’re the top  

Efficient Delivery from The Chile Guy 

Chiles, herbs and spices all have one thing in common: They are full of potent flavors that can be  

Does Where a Chile’s Grown Affect Its Flavor?

Every fruit, vegetable and spice have optimum growing conditions. Rice grows well with constant soil moisture, apples do better  

Competitive Pricing on your Favorite Chile Products for the Commercial Kitchen

Restaurants run with notoriously narrow profit margins. By the time you’ve paid your staff and covered your other overhead