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Is Hatch Green Chile Always From Hatch?

In 2011, the New Mexico Chile Advertising Act was passed to prevent misrepresentation about the origins of chile. Much  

Save On Shipping With Bulk Orders

Restaurants, contrary to popular belief, don’t make an enormous profit. With employee payroll, sales taxes, insurance, rent, food costs  

Kosher-Certified Chile Products at The Chile Guy

For The Chile Guy, quality is everything.  We’re proud of the chiles we sell, and we’re confident that  

Guajillo Chile- Authenticity Makes All the Difference

Part of the reason we select the same ingredients and brands over and over again is the desire for  

Buy in Bulk and Save with The Chile Guy!

A commercial kitchen can go through a lot of chiles in a few days, and it’s important to always  

How Can You Tell If Your Chile Powder Is Authentic?

One of the most critical factors in any dish are the spices. How they’re used, the quality of the  

What Does the New Mexico Chile Law Mean for You?

In 2011, New Mexico passed a law stating that any chile which was not specifically grown in the state  

Why Doesn’t the Chile Guy Sell Chimayo Chile?

You don’t want to pay for a brand name. You want to pay for quality, especially when it comes  

Why Do We Refrigerate Dried Chiles?

Frozen Bulk Green ChileWhen you need high-quality dried chile, you need it  

Freshness Year-Round With the Chile Guy

The freshness of your ingredients is the key to the success in any commercial kitchen. Whether you’re running a